Address ⁚ Trierer Straße 74, Breidscheid - Adenau Reservation Line ⁚ +49 1514 0901521

What is The Ring Inn, exactly? 

The Ring Inn is a newly-renovated country house in the Breidscheid area of Adenau that has been converted into apartments for short-term rental.  No meals are included in the rental, but on arrival we will provide you with a free welcome basket full of groceries, bathroom supplies et cetera.  You can go straight to the track and not have to worry about your breakfast the next day! All towels and bed-linens will be provided for you, and will be changed regularly on extended stays.

Will you pick me up at the airport?

Of course.  Give us your information and we will surely be able to work something out, for a small fee.

Will you rent me a car?

We do not have our own cars for rental, but we are happy to help you select the best option for your needs and driving style.

Can I bring my pet with me?

Only if he vouches for you.  Naturally, care must be taken with keeping any noise to a reasonable level, especially when his/her humans are not around.

I plan on coming back to the Ring soon, can I leave my car/tires/personal items at the Inn?

You can!  We have secure storage on-site, and have access to off-site car storage.  Space is limited on both, however, so be sure to check with the Innkeeper in advance.

I am a regular visitor to the region, can I book multiple stays?

You can and you should! Contact the Innkeeper for further information, you will enjoy special rates and several other advantages!

Have more questions?  Contact the Innkeeper at